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Variable Rate Fertilizer Nozzles
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Product Name Part # Price Qty
StreamJet 3 VR Nozzle SJ3-VR $30.51
StreamJet 7 VR Nozzle SJ7-VR $35.40
TeeJet VR Nozzle w/1/4 SS Hose Barb QJ-VR-1/4-SS $52.58
TeeJet VR Nozzle w/1/4 Poly Hose Barb QJ-VR-1/4-NYB $38.93
TeeJet VR Nozzle w/3/8 SS Hose Barb QJ-VR-3/8-SS $52.58
TeeJet VR Nozzle w/3/8 Poly Hose Barb QJ-VR-3/8-NYB $38.93
TeeJet VR Nozzle; 1/4 Push-to-Connect PTC-VR-1/4 $37.71
TeeJet VR Nozzle; 3/8 Push-to-Connect PTC-VR-3/8 $37.71
TeeJet VR Nozzle; 5/16 Push-to-Connect PTC-VR-5/16 $37.17

More Information

The SJ3-VR and SJ7-VR line of variable rate fertilizer spray tips feature a variable diameter orifice that produces a wide range of flow rates - itís like having 5-tips in one. This allows for a wider range of ground speeds and/or application rates from a single tip for improved productivity. These tips are also ideal for variable rate prescription map applications. The elastomer orifice design provides consistent flow rate performance while utilizing a simple, reliable design with no springs or moving parts. Can eliminate the need for changing nozzles, multiple nozzles on turrets and changing orifice discs. Replaces Standard 03, 04, 05, 06 & 08 SJ3 Capacities Pressure Range: 20 PSI to 100 PSI Flow Range: 0.21 GPM to 0.93 GPM 3 Solid Streams
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