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TeeJet 2-Way Electric Valves
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Product Name Part # Price Qty
356-series Trunnion Valve 356BEC-C $583.20
344-series Valves - 3/4-inch poly ball 344BEC-23-C $433.78
344-series Valves - 1-inch poly ball 344BEC-24-C $433.78
344-series Valves - 50-series Flange 344BEC-2F-C $433.78
344-series Valves - 3/4-in SS ball 344BEC-23S-C $549.10
344-series Valves - 1-in SS ball 344BEC-24S-C $549.10
344-series Valves - 50-series Fl; SS ball 344BEC-2FS-C $549.10
346-series Valves - 1-1/4-in poly ball 346BEC-25-C $809.04
346-series Valves - 1-1/2-in poly ball 346BEC-26-C $809.04
346-series Valves - 50-series Flange 346BEC-2F-C $809.04
346-series Valves - 75-series Flange 346BEC-2F75-C $809.04

More Information

The 356 Trunnion valve combines dozens of design features into a control valve that will work hard, respond quickly, and last much longer.  All aspects of design and construction have been optimized to deliver durability and value.  We recommend this valve.

100 gpm; 50-series flange connections; SS ball

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