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StraightShot ChemStations
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StraightShot ChemStation SS-44 $0.00

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Here is the chem management system you may wish you always had. With a plumbing system perfected in the field over two years, and now with its own tank, the StraightShot ChemStation has been designed with the user in mind.  Designed to deliver unsurpassed speed.  Designed to take up less space on the deck.  And designed for easier access by the user. Equipped with Banjo manifold fittings, and the familiar jug-slitter knife, this ChemStation can handle everything you can throw at it – whether it’s jugs, barrels, totes, or powders. Check out all the standard features of the new StraightShot ChemStation: • The fill line through the ChemStation is a “straight shot” to the sprayer – no elbows or turns of any kind to decrease fill time. • High-Speed venturi will induct chemical up to 30% faster than previous products. • Back-sloping tank design allows most of the plumbing to be “tucked under” the tank to save deck space – about 25% less than previous products take up. • All controls are on the front where the user can easily get at them. • Equipped standard with not one, but TWO tank rinsers on either side of the tank. The rinsers provides better rinse action to the top of the tank as well as out and down. Using two rinsers means that not only will the tank be rinsed better, the knife system will also be better-rinsed of chemical. • 3” Plumbing standard (2" hose connections on request) • 44 US gallon (167 Litre) tank capacity • 16” Hinged Lid standard • Jug Rinser standard • Tank Fill / Agitator standard • Fresh water valve with 10’ of hose for general cleanup/rinsing standard. • Steel frame with powder-coated paint standard! • Steel utility box for anti-foamer/tools included standard. The StraightShot is available either with or without our Bulk Induction Metering System (BIMS). The BIMS allows the user to meter chemical directly into the flow line to the sprayer – using the venturi to pull even the most viscose chemicals from totes or barrels and eliminating the need for a herbicide pump. The Air-Sensing Sotera meter is included with the BIMS. Also included with a BIMS is a separate flow line which allows you to detach the hose from the bulk container, and connect that hose to the StraightShot to rinse it out with a turn of a valve. ***** Available now ****
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