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Banjo Cast Iron Hi-Volume Transfer Pumps
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Product Name Part # Price Qty
222-series 2-in. Pumps; 6.5 hp Intek Pro OHV 222PI6PRO $1,306.23
222-series 2-inch Pumps; 5.5 hp Honda GX 222PIH5 $2,099.00
222-series 2-inch Pumps; 6.5 hp Honda GX 222PIH6 $2,255.00
333-series 3-inch CI pump; 13 hp Honda 333PIH13 $5,213.00
444-series 4-inch CI pump; 23 hp Vanguard 444PI23 $6,849.00
444-series 4-inch CI pump; 24 hp Honda 444PIH24 $8,537.00
222-series 2-inch Pedestal Pump; 3/4 shaft 222PBI $934.70
333-series 3-inch CI pump; pedestal; 1-inch shaft 333PBI $3,046.00
444-series 4-in. x 3-in outlet CI pump; pedestal 433PBI $3,046.00
444-series 4-inch CI pump; pedestal; 1-inch shaft 444PBI $3,046.00
222-series 2-inch Electric Pump; 3-phase 222PIE5 $2,474.00
222-series 2-inch Electric Pump; 1-phase 222PIE51 $3,015.00
222-series 2-inch CI pump; hydraulically-driven 222PIHY $1,977.00
222-series 2-inch CI pump-only (full impeller) 222POI $655.00

More Information

Higher-capacity, Higher-pressure - for when speed matters - up to 225 gpm

  • pump end separated from engine; large weep holes
  • cast iron construction for rugged dependable service
  • carbon ceramic seal w/SS cup and spring w/FKM (viton-type) - better run-dry capability
  • replaceable inlet and outlet flanges for cheaper repair; dynamically-balanced impeller
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