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EVA Tubing (NH3)
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Product Name Part # Price Qty
EVA Tubing; 1/4 ID (sold only in 500-ft coils) 15015610 $0.48
EVA Tubing; 3/8 ID x 100-ft box 15018525 $66.14
EVA Tubing; 1/2 ID x 100-ft. box 15018530 $82.28
EVA Tubing; 3/4 ID x 100-ft. box 15018534 $112.25
EVA Tubing; 1 ID x 100-ft. box 15018536 $299.28

More Information

Tired of rigid tubing? Try our EVA! More flexible than most others on market due to our higher (15-18%) EVA content (others have 8 - 12%). Ideal for handling low-pressure water and NH3. Boxed for easy storage and handling. FDA approved for potable water applications. good resistance to most chemicals and all liquid fertilizers. Not for transfer of NH3 under pressure - use only for open-end discharge applications.
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