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KBH 25-Ton SS Hopper-Bottom Tender
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Part # KBH25

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  • 70,000 lb capacity; 912 cu. ft. total; dual compartment

More Information

  • 70,000 lb capacity; 912 cu. ft. total; dual compartment
  • 32-ft. trailer for easy manouvering
  • 304 SS hoppers, augers, fenders, hopper doors, battery box
  • Open design for easier maintenance, cleaning
  • 10" -12 ga. SS belly/discharge auger tubes
  • 4" x 2" and 6" x 2" tube construction
  • min. 2-tonne per min. speed
  • Hydraulic hopper doors standard
  • 14" x 13" hopper opening for max. material flow
  • HD Tarp with V-cable ratchet tie-down
  • 10' to 15' auger height adjustment  - dumps to centre of tallest applicators
  • 4" x 10" Flotation Dolly Pad
  • ABS trailer brakes standard
  • Hanger Bearing inspection door
  • Running light on discharge auger
  • Beat plates on hoppers standard
  • All mild steel has two-part epoxy primer and yellow top coat

With the on-board diesel-driven hydraulic wet kit, there's no need to tie up a truck and driver  - simply drop the trailer in the field or yard and return for it when it's been emptied.  Or, even if you don't wish to drop the unit, with the wet kit on-board, you have greater flexibility with the kind of tractor unit you use to haul this trailer with.

      Large-Capacity Hydraulic System

  • Low-maintenance Webster/Danfoss hydraulic motors
  • Highest torque for fastest unloads (2-3 tpm)
  • no clogging
  • 75-gal. reservoir
  • oil level sight & temperature gauge mounted at bottom of discharge auger for easier maintenance and less auger weight

   Deutz diesel air-cooled engine power

  • no radiator
  • electric start
  • lockable battery box
  • 25 gal. poly no-rust fuel tank

This tender unit may be sold with or without trailer; also with or without on-board hydraulic wet kit system.

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