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The new 8500-series applicators from Ag Systems, Inc. was developed with big fields, short application timeframes, and variable soil conditions in mind.  We need a big, heavy machine out here.

The 8500 provides you with a choice of a 62-1/2 foot wide unit, or 42-1/2 feet, both with the same heavy construction and tool-carrying capability. 


Check out these features which make this toolbar absolutely unique in the industry:

  • 6 x 6 x ½" wall tube construction throughout - the heaviest on the market today!
  • Walking tandem axles on main frame
  • Single hydraulic wheels on primary and secondary wings
  • Floating primary wings help maintain application depth over contours in land.
  • Heavy Duty 8 on 8 hubs
  • 11 x 22.5 highway tires
  • Twin Cylinder deluxe hydraulic fold-over-centre
  • Heavy Duty rear hitch - swivels and telescopes - makes it easy to switch nurse wagons.
  • Combo single/double clevis hitch
  • Low-profile design without a lot of superstructure to clutter your vision and impede access to tools, kits, etc.
  • No weight kits required
  • can carry liquid coulters or ammonia shanks/knives

With this weight, your tools are going to go into the ground; yet, tractor power is not taken out of reach of most producers.  In the picture above, the 8500, even with the weight of coulters at 12" spacings, is being pulled by a 250 hp power unit.


Priced competitively, the 8500 is a custom applicator's dream, or it can be an excellent addition to a rental fleet.  It will pile up the acres in a day, providing more productivity to user and owner both.  And, because it's built by Ag Systems, you know it's built to stand up to the rigors of hard use in the toughest field conditions - acre after acre after acre.


Call us for more information and a quotation to see how the new 8500 can contribute to your operation.