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Coulter Assembly
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Part # AG37

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Ag Systems has now developed a totally greaseless, virtually maintenance-free coulter - the Generation III AG37 

Has a "lubed-for-life" hub with a greaseless design and a special patented seal, which provides 7 barriers between the outside environment and the bearings inside (most hubs only have a lip seal), making bearing failure a thing of the past.

Also designed to eliminate the greasing requirement for the trip and swivel as well.  With the insertion of a new Rulon bushing which is a self-lubricating, composite glass epoxy outer shell and woven Nomex/PTFE liner, we have now eliminated all greasing from the coulters - and eliminated the "freezing" which sometimes occurs when the coulter has rested for a time.

We didn't stop there with the improvements in design however.  With most coulters, as the spring pressure is increased, the vertical travel capability of the coulter is reduced.  Not so with the new Generation III coulters - the vertical trip stays the same, ensuring your coulters will continue to clear obstacles no matter what pressure you set your coulters to.  We also replaced the dual springs with a single, heavier spring which will stand up better to vibration while still supplying all the down pressure ever needed.


Practically-priced to allow you to retro-fit your existing toolbar, or equip your Ag Systems 8500/8000-series toolbars with this new innovation. 


If you've given up on coulter machines due to high-maintenance costs, downtime, and frustration, but you know too that without those negatives, they are the right way to apply liquid fertilizer; then you owe it to yourself and your customers to consider the new, Generation III coulter.

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