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6000 USG Portable Field Storage Unit

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A cost-effective way to spot large volumes of liquid fertilizer or water in-field for sprayer and applicator filling.

Two 3000 USG Cone-Bottom Tanks

These innovative tank trailers allow you to spot large volumes of liquid without tying up manpower or truck power for long periods of time - in fact, once delivered, the grower or user of the unit can easily hook on and move the units themselves when empty!

1. Pull the unit to the field - you only need a half-ton to do it!

2. Lower the unit to the ground with a quick turn of the release valve.

3. Unit sits on large anti-sink pads to ensure stability.

4. Deliver semi-loads of product to field storage units.

5. When the tanks have been emptied, simply raise the unit to the transport position using the on-board hand-driven hydraulic pump, and move to the next location. It really is just that easy. 

All tanks are rated for liquid fertilizer storage, and are cone-bottomed for complete drainage.  Manufactured by Snyder Industries, they carry the manufacturer's full warranty and are built to never need it!

Get the Portable Field Storage Units that really work.

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