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TeeJet 854 Spray/Rate Controller Kit

Part # 90-02108

Price: $2,928.00

This unit combines the simple operation and programming of the proven TeeJet line with features not available until now in spray control systems. GPS-compatible.
Kit includes 854 console, hardware, cables, manuals.

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Features of the 854:

  • Preset Rate Options:� allow the user to change between rates effortlessly
  • Colour-coded Tip Selection Bar: allows for easy user programming by matching the colour of TeeJet spray tipsIndividual Boom Control: independent control of up to 5 boom sections for application flexibility
  • Field Summaries:� volume and area information for up to nine field locations, plus a total, can be stored for individual or summary printing
  • Tank Volume/Fill function: allows operator to view remaining tank volume at a glance. Can also include option to fill tank to a preset volume
  • Auto/Manual Control: gives the operator a manual application option for fail-safe reliability.
  • Master Shutoff: controls all booms with one switchEasy-to-Program:� very user-friendly, the process is made simple with a series of easy-to-follow, symbol-driven programming steps.
  • front panel has clear instructions for easy operation. The bright, easy-to-read display provides readouts for application rate, ground speed, pressure, volume sprayed, and area covered - all at the same time.
  • saves summary reports on up to 10 jobs
  • Auto-Master can be set to automatically switch booms sections on and off at predetermined speeds - a real safety feature to ensure your sprayer shuts down in case of accident or when turning at low speeds. Automatically turns booms back on when the speed is increased to the predetermined minimum.
  • Auto Tank Fill allows the console to control tank-filling operations
  • Dual-Boom capability means a wider range of speeds and rates is available to you by allowing you to "switch on" a second set of nozzles "on-the-go".
  • Smart-Sensing automatically selects between pressure or flow sensors - choosing the best sensor for that particular operation. This "cross-checking" alerts the operator to any problems with the system.
  • Communications ports built in for printer, PC, and GPS connections
  • Rugged construction, sealed switches, and non-volatile memory for real dependability
  • single-connection wiring system provides durability that is clutter-free

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