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TeeJet RXA-30 Antenna Kit w/20-ft cable 90-02720 $917.00
TeeJet RXA-30 Antenna Kit w/30-ft cable 90-02721 $987.00
TeeJet RX520 High-Precision Receiver 90-02893 $0.00
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This robust, dual frequency GNSS receiver brings a new level of accuracy to your guidance and autosteer applications. Supports both GPS and GLONASS satellites, compatible with various SBAS correction signals and optional Precise Point Positioning. The RX520 dual frequency GNSS receiver brings a new level of accuracy and performance to your guidance and autosteer applications. This flexible receiver can operate in a variety of modes, using the latest technology to provide consistent, stable and accurate positions. Optional satellite-delivered Precise Point Positioning (PPP) further enhances pass-to-pass accuracy for more demanding applications. Integrated GNSS Design The RX520 provides an integrated L1/L2 GPS+GLONASS receiver and antenna in a single compact enclosure. Designed to meet or exceed stringent MIL-STD-810G specifications, the RX520�s rugged housing ensures high performance even in the most challenging work environments. Multi-Constellation for Enhanced Positioning Capable of tracking L1, L2 GPS+GLONASS and L-Band, the RX520 improves position availability in obstructed sky conditions. Dual-frequency tracking minimizes the impact of ionospheric disturbances further enhancing field productivity. Optional L-Band tracking provides very accurate, repeatable positioning without the need for a base station. Smooth, Pass-to-Pass Accuracy with ClearPath Technology ClearPath technology is integrated into every RX520 antenna. ClearPath uses very accurate carrier phase calculations to provide ultra smooth positions and excellent pass-to-pass accuracy for agricultural applications. ClearPath functions autonomously and with most available corrections services. It will also bridge through short periods of poor satellite availability. ClearPath�s steady, smooth output is especially well suited for manual guidance and autosteer installations.