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TASC 6100 (Mid-Tech)

Part # 75-02013

Price: $4,626.00

TASC 6100 CE Version - console only.� Single product control - Liquid or Granular

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More Information

The Mid-Tech TASC 6100 contains all the operation features of the ARC 6000 "plus" the ability to connect to a DataLink and interface with many GPS/GIS applications. Liquid control, granular control, pressure based control, and GIS/GPS control - all in one economical console.

  • Single product control - Liquid or Granular
  • Liquid-pressure or flow meter
  • Up to 9 boom sections
  • Large Back-Lit LCD display shows speed, application rate, total applied, product volume remaining, width, distance, field area, and total area
  • Simple one switch/one step to set the application rate
  • Scan feature monitors all functions
  • Error message system signals misapplication and identifies problem source
  • Density input for dry material or anhydrous ammonia
  • On-the-go rate change, and Ground speed override
  • Stores Liquid & Granular calibration numbers independently
  • Low tank or hopper alarm, and field area alarm
  • Automatic Tip Control controls up to 3 tips per spray station, allowing for accurate application, through all speed ranges.
  • Technical Details:
  • Mid-Tech BP6000 printer-ready
  • Links to Mid-Tech Datalink for Variable Rate/GPS/GIS applications
  • Flash Memory allows for field upgrades

May also be available as REMANUFACTURED unit at lower cost